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Strawberry ROI Calculator - BETA

Keep in mind that this is a rough estimate and factors may differ from region to region. Please still do your own calculations and assessments for a more accurate result.

The calculator is desktop only

Power Cost
0.07 kWh

Light Cost
Wattage varies with the light option

$0 / per month

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Starter Farm
Universal Lite Farm

Universal Lite Farm

This container farm is a good starter solution and allows you to install your own agricultural equipment.

Farm Expansion
Nursery Container Farm

Nursery Container Farm

This container farm allows you to starts seeds and clones. Perfect for offering propagation services.

Community Farm
4-IN-1 Hydroponic Container Farm

4-IN-1 Hydroponic Container Farm

This container farm allows you to grow popular leafy greens like Lettuce and Bok Choy.

Commercial Farm
Herbs Container Farm

Herbs Container Farm

This container farm allows you to grow popular herbs Basil and Oregano.

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