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FarmAnywhere Introduces Lifetime Warranty for ALL Container Farms: A CEA Industry First

VANCOUVER, BC — September 13th, 2023 — FarmAnywhere, a leading innovator in sustainable and efficient farming solutions, is proud to announce a lifetime warranty on all its container farms. This unprecedented move is setting a new industry standard for quality and assurance while reinforcing the company’s dedication to long-term sustainability and customer satisfaction.

A New Milestone in Agricultural Innovation

FarmAnywhere is revolutionizing the agricultural industry by bringing the mass production techniques of the auto sector to container farming. By incorporating readily available components and our expertise in system integration, FarmAnywhere ensures that farmers don’t need exclusive technology to access premier farming solutions. The company aspires to be an inspiration for the entire sector, emphasizing the importance of dependable, user-friendly products, backed by an organization that genuinely care for the success of farmers.

What This Means for Customers

“For too long, farmers globally have grappled with subpar equipment. Our lifetime warranty is a testament to our faith in our product’s quality and an assurance to farmers that they can concentrate on growing food for their communities rather than stressing over equipment reliability,” stated Gabriel Zarafonitis, Co-Founder and CEO of FarmAnywhere.

FarmAnywhere’s extensive warranty covers every part of our container farms, from the structure to the advanced climate control systems, the state-of-the-art irrigation setup and more. Should customers encounter defects or system hiccups, the company guarantees swift replacements, ensuring no disruptions. For example, FarmAnywhere uses high quality Italian made irrigation pumps that cost upwards of $1200.00. In the past, a malfunction could severely impact a farmer’s monthly profits. Now, any issue will see the pump swiftly replaced at no cost, safeguarding those crucial profits.

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About FarmAnywhere

FarmAnywhere is a pioneering agricultural tech company specializing in container farming solutions. With its innovative Universal Lite Farm, and always in stock policy. FarmAnywhere provides sustainable, localized, and scalable farming solutions that empower communities and transform the agricultural industry.

For more information about FarmAnywhere and its revolutionary approach to modern farming, please visit www.farmanywhere.ag.

Press Contact:
Cristine Marcello

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